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Types Of Protective MMA Fight Gear

At Carnal DaMMAge we know safety is the number one priority for all MMA athletes. Learn about all the advanced MMA Fight Gear that is designed to protect athletes in the ring and in practice. Discover how MMA gloves, MMA shin guards and other MMA safety equipment can help keep your body injury free.

MMA Mouth Guards

One of the most basic piece of safety equipment for any athlete in almost any sport, especially MMA combat sports, is a mouth guard. Carnal DaMMAge's collection of MMA Mouth Guards is full of specialty mouth guards from all the top MMA brands such as Bad Boy, Everlast and TapouT. MMA Mouth guards are specially designed to prevent injury to the mouth, teeth and brain and are made from materials that ensure a proper and comfortable fit. These MMA mouth guards are made from various materials, including latex free materials for those with allergies. Some of our TapouT mouth guards include dental warranties for additional protection. MMA mouth guards are also available in a variety of colors to match your fight style. MMA mouth guards are fitted for men, women and youth, so be sure to select the proper size to ensure maximum protection from mouth injuries and concussions. Also remember to replace your mouth guard often to ensure complete protection. Many of Carnal DaMMAge's mouth guards also come with a carrying case to prevent the spread of germs.

MMA Gloves

Another essential protective item for MMA athletes is MMA gloves. Protecting your hands is exremley important in MMA contact sports. Carnal DaMMAge cares about the safety of all MMA athletes, and knows that safety is the number on priority among coaches and trainers. We offer the best prices on all MMA protective fight gloves for MMA athletes. Whether you are looking for your first pair of MMA gloves, or regularly replacing your gloves, look not further than Carnal DaMMAge. Our professional styles MMA fight gloves are designed to provide protection for hands of all sizes. MMA gloves are designed to promote the proper punching techniques because they conform to the natural shape of your fist. Additionally, the two-layer foam offers superior shock-absorbency and comfort to both fighters. MMA fight gloves are also equipped with ThumbLok technology for added safety. Our brand name, synthetic leather MMA gloves are available in laceup and hook-and-loop designs to meet each fighter's preference. We carry all the brand names in MMA fight gear including Fighter Girls, Bad Boy and Everlast. Also choose from standard and fingerless gloves for different training and fight situations.

MMA Shin Guards

MMA Shin Guards are required for safe MMA training and fighting alike. MMA Shin Guards often serve a dual purpose, protecting the shin, along with the instep of the foot. Our name brand MMA Shin Guards are designed for fighter comfort and provide the best shin protection in the industry. Shin Guards offer a contoured design with a form-fitting neoprene backing and a 1/2 inch layer of protective, high-density foam. MMA Shin Guards are easy to take on and off, offering a twin hook and loop strap to secure the shin guard in place. The design of these MMA shin guards is to protect the shins during fights, and also in grappling and training sessions. Bad Boy, Everlast, RevGear, and Truimph are among the top brands of MMA Shin Guards you'll find at Carnal DaMMAge.

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